I swear it seems like every single day this blog had fucking updates and NONE of them even fix anything!! I have had a great MEAN week!! I LOVE when the right kind of clients call me!!! The right kind are those who R E A D my website and my listings on what kind of sessions I will do. I enjoy humiliation and anything that puts you in a bad light lol My clients come from all walks of life with one goal,
to make sure I am happy and to spoil me rotten!! I am not here to entertain you, you are here to entertain ME. I was just about to post some new photos but it seems WordPress is fucking eating them off the screen or putting the wrong code up!! I actually HATE updating this website and much prefer being on the phone listening to all of you tell me your secrets. I do not update here as much as I used to do simply because I am way to busy!! you want to find out whats going on then call me! I am glad to see so many of you enjoying my videos and members only section!!