One of my very favorite holidays is approaching!! Yep Valentines Day!! I always get the best stuff from you fuckers!! The presents are rolling in like they did last year!!! I have not updated this site in a bit simply because I am slammed with calls and by the time I want to do a update, overweight
it is time for me to go!!! I actually have a life and do not spend 24/7 waiting around the computer!! I do more and more private instant message sessions and Ipad sessions!! I love talking to you privately away from the phone, purchase
just me and you texting back and forth while your nasty wife is doing the dishes HAHA!! Remember the best way to shop for me is to go to my amazon wishlist and BUY something!! Or you dont like to shop? Send me an electronic gift card to I still get lots of emails asking WHEN I am available…. simple…. everyday BUT Tuesdays. I also work on weekends but if someone books me privately then you wont see me signed on Niteflirt. PRIVATELY BOOKED AND PAID SESSIONS WILL ALWAYS TAKE THE FRONT SEAT TO NITEFLIRT!!! Most of you already contact me privately and it is sooooo much nicer!!! Well fuckers thats about it! I am posting less and less as it seems their are pieces of shit copycats who are stealing my stories about my calls and posting them as their own…LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS! I have already gotten three sites busted and shut down for that bullshit!! Funny they are always from overseas!!! imagine that!! Thanks in advance for the awesome Valentines presents!! You Kennedy boys RULE!!!