What a great month I had in July!! I am looking forward to another round of thrashings for August! Thanks for all who have made me laugh!! Screetch you are still up in the top 4 small penis boys on the net! Love watching you make a ass out of yourself on cam!! I have a new fat fuck that has been calling me. I seem to attract loser fat fucks that want to be put on one of my forced eating plans. I got a revolting photo of this idiot and everytime I look at it, pathopsychology
I die laughing. He is close to 400 lbs of blubber. I gave him a shopping list and was laughing thinking about how nasty I can get him!!

I want to thank three people who sent me surprise presents over the last few days. As you know I am not like a lot of these so called phone dommes that demand you buy them things. Those of us who are good DO NOT have to do that! I love my new Kat Von D. makeup and tshirt!! I also love the $500 spa day and the lovely bottle of Chanel #5 along with the REAL dress from the Marilyn Monroe collection. All I can say is WOW you boys really do know how to shop!! I look forward to teasing you new losers along with all my old ones!! See you on the phone or yahoo IM bitches!!