Hello Kennedy worshippers!! I have been way to busy to stop and update my site. I am available all this weekend for phone and text sessions. I want to tell you idiots who think you can scam me that you are so fucking obvious that even the most greenest girl could pick up on how fucking stupid you are!! Looks like Brad Porto is trying to do more charge backs posing as his cousin and using amazon payments. Look Douchebag, ambulance you got caught by my very good friend Mistress Betty and it was fucking hilarious!!!
I was sitting there reading your stupid attempt at trying to fuck her over. You got to get your ugly ass up early to try and get one over on her! Your stupid excuses are the dumbest ones I have ever heard in my life!! hahaha you got jacked FAGGOT!!
Bradley Ableson is the new fake name he is using. We have a wonderful blacklist of all you wannabe scammers and the list also has your email and IP addresses which get handed over for legal action!

I have had a kick ass day on Niteflirt and loved all the packages that the mailman just brought for me!!! New bathing suits, perfume, dvds, music cds, Godiva, gift cards ect. Everyone that sent me something got a private email with a goody from me. 🙂

Well the phones are ringing off the hook so it is time for me to sign off…. have a great Memorial Day holiday weekend!! Dont forget your sunblock!!